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Cherubael was once a Daemon Prince, worshiped as a god on the feral world of Clanar II.


This page contains spoilers for: Eisenhorn Trilogy

When Inquisitor Quixos freed the Clanars from Cherubael's domination, he managed to enslave the creature into the body of one of their warriors.[Needs Citation]

Years later, one of Cherubael's cults sprung up on Cadia. Calling itself the "Sons of Bael," the cult was basically a front for the study of the Pylons on the planet. It was believed by Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn that they were subservient to Cherubael. This was never confirmed formally, due to their deaths at the hands of the Kasrkin bodyguard of Inquisitor-General Neve. Quixos was working with the Sons of Bael, intending to reproduce the Cadian Pylons in a perverted effort to fight Chaos.[Needs Citation]

Cherubael served Quixos for many decades, until finally Quixos himself was slain by Inquisitor Eisenhorn in combat.[Needs Citation]

Cherubael had first encountered Inquisitor Eisenhorn while assisting Quixos's accomplice, Inquisitor Konrad Molitor, to secure the Necroteuch. He engineered his freedom through the manipulation of events surrounding Inquisitor Eisenhorn, making sure that Eisenhorn was in the right place at the right time, with the right weapon, to banish Cherubael back to the Warp and release him from the bonds Quixos had used to enslave him. However, Eisenhorn later ensnared the daemon in a daemonhost of his own. Later on, a desperate Eisenhorn called upon Cherubael to stop a rampaging Chaos Titan. The daemon destroyed it, but was bound within the body of a young inquisitor. While Eisenhorn was reluctant to walk the path of the Radical, he used a more controlled form of the daemon, bound by the arcane literature of the Malus Codicium, to defeat Pontius Glaw.[Needs Citation]

Cherubael was still with Eisenhorn years later, during his brief meeting with his protege, Gideon Ravenor, in a temple of the Divine Fratery.[1]