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Children of Thorns

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Basic Data
- Children of Thorns -
Archon: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown

The Children of Thorns are a weaker Dark Eldar Kabal. Exiled from Commorragh, the Children of Thorns consist of ex-slaves, fugitives, dregs, and fallen lords who have come together in an attempt to regain their glory. To do this, they spend most their time in Realspace in search of slaves and plunder and have even allied with ambitious Human lords, such as Severus XIII. The Children of Thorns have shown a great interest in the Spinward Front, taking advantage of the chaos there to raid numerous worlds.[1] They are also active in the Screaming Vortex, where they collect slaves and weapons, to bring back to Commorragh.[2]

While other Kabals desire to overthrow Asdrubael Vect so they can rule, the Children of Thorns want to tear down the old order and replace it with their own. To do this, they secretly arm their followers lurking in the deepest, darkest sub-reality sinks of Commorragh, who wait for their chance to strike back against their oppressors.[2]

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