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Children of Torment

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Children of Torment -
Chaos dedication: Slaanesh
Colours: Black, Pink
Strength: Unknown
Children of Torment symbol.jpg

The Children of Torment are a warband of the Black Legion.


A collection of Slaanesh-worshipping Chaos Space Marines, the Children of Torment fall under various Black Legion Slaaneshi Chaos Lords such as Devram Korda and Zagthean the Broken.[1] The Children of Torment are despised by the Emperor's Children, who see them as traitors to Fulgrim and puppets of Abaddon.[5]

They took part in the Diamor Campaign as a part of the Hand of Xorphas — army of Chaos Sorcerer Xorphas.[4] They later are also known to have taken part in the Nachmund Rift War[6].

Known members

  • Arvan — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41) — Deceased.[2b]
  • Helux — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41) — Deceased. [2b]
  • Kaid — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41).[2b]
  • Kargul — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41).[2b]
  • Socred — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41) — Deceased.[3]
  • Vaug — Terminator Veteran (Cruciator), (M41) — Deceased.[2a]
  • Veindon Slass — Earl of Dissonance and self-proclaimed Bane of Tybaltia[5]
  • Vorshkar — Chosen, (M41).[2c]

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