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Chimerax miniature

The Chimerax is a heavily-modified assault variant of the Chimera utilised by the Astra Militarum and Legiones Skitarii, providing Imperial assaults with protection against enemy flyers and troops. It is armed with four autocannons.[1]


Chimerax are easily recognisable due to their upgraded turrets that mount four light autocannons. These allow the Chimerax to lay down a curtain of fire highly effective at keeping infantry, light skimmers and flyers at bay. However, unlike the Hydra, the Chimerax does not carry the complex tracking and ranging sensors that would make it truly effective at anti-aircraft operations.[1]

The Chimerax maintains the full transport capacity of the Chimera and thus can be used to replace Chimeras on a one-for-one basis in Imperial forces. Chimerax can also be organised into Chimerax Assault Squadrons, which are then attached to various infantry detachments.[1]

The variant has been tested and approved by veteran regiments of the Astra Militarum and Skitarii.[1]