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Chirurgeon (Short Story)

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Cover art
Author Nick Kyme
Performer Ian Brooker
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy series
Released February 2015
Collected in Blades of the Traitor
War Without End
Length 45 minutes
Editions 2015 ebook
ISBN 9781782519225

Chirurgeon is a short story written by Nick Kyme. It was released in February 2015 and included in the Blades of the Traitor (Anthology). The short story was released on audio was part of the Blades of Traitor audio collection for "Audio Week," Advent 2015.[2]

Cover Description

In its earliest days, the III Legion was blighted by a genetic flaw that threatened to end the Phoenician's bloodline forever. Fortunately, through tireless effort and the miracle of the primarch's own genetic perfection, visionaries like Apothecary Fabius were able to halt the corruption and restore the Emperor's Children to their former glory. Except, it would seem, that a terrible secret has been kept from the rest of the Legion, and the threat of further degeneration is quite real...


Fabius Bile, chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children, performs surgery on an unknown patient, uncovering and noting a degrading ailment that is slowly destroying the subject's organs. Reflecting on the past as he works, Fabius thinks back to the time before the Emperor's Children were united with Fulgrim, when they were suffering from the same corrosive disease and approaching extinction. Working as an Apothecary, he began to order the executions of all of his brothers who showed symptoms and regard their bodies as simple lumps of organic matter to be studied, even that of his close friend Lycaeon whose execution he was eventually forced to order. Beginning to stitch up his patient, Fabius reflects that it was the discovery of Fulgrim and the bolstering of the Legion's gene-pool with his genes that saved them. However, it is not permanent, as is shown when the patient is revealed to be Fabius himself. Thanking his assistant, the mindless resurrected body of Lycaeon, Fabius reflects darkly on his deteriorating health.[1]


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