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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Chondax Unknown.jpg
System: Chondax System
Class: Dead World
Tithe Grade:

Chondax is a barren but open world where nothing grows; it bears many similarities to Chogoris. Chondax is mostly covered in white glistering sands which slowly absorb everything that remains on their surface, leaving nothing behind. The planet is known to have three suns.[1]

Chondax has several names, the official being Chondax Primus by Imperial cartographers, it also called Chondax Prime or just Chondax. The White Scars called it The White World. [2a]

During the Great Crusade, the White Scars, along with the 915th Expedition Fleet,[2a] landed on Chondax to battle a significant Ork presence.[1]

In what became known as the Chondax Campaign, Jaghatai Khan emerged victorious but soon found himself confronted by the Alpha Legion as the Horus Heresy broke out. The White Scars eventually left Chondax, running the Alpha Legion blockade for Prospero.[2b]

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