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Typical Ork Choppa[3a]

Choppas or Clubs are a main Ork close combat weapon.

Description and Variants

Orks use a bewildering variety of bladed, spiked, jagged, serrated, barbed and notched weapons in close combat. Large, heavy and deadly in Ork hands, they usually look like an axe or a broad knife, but can take almost any form - from massive cleavers to huge rusty pipes equipped with additional spikes for extra damage. Not really choosy, Orks consider anything they can cut their enemies to pieces with as a choppa. They seem to be so greatly integrated into Ork psyche, so even the most dim-witted Ork can fashion them. Choppas are one-handed weapons and are often used in a pair with Sluggas. Mobs of Orks, equipped with Sluggas and Choppas are known as Slugga Boys.[1a][2]


Some choppas are more advanced than the others and feature a chain mechanism. Known as chain-choppas, they are basically crude Ork equivalents of other races' chainswords or chain axes. These weapons are more effective than normal choppas as long as they still function and the user remembers to turn the chain mechanism on. However, despite their ease of manufacture, these weapons require some maintenance that Orks are often too lazy to provide. Therefore chain-choppas, especially those with chain-teeth made from the alien ‘ivory’ of an Ork’s own sharpened fangs, are especially vulnerable to losing weapon's 'teeth'. Other issues such as fuel consumption and the speed with which they get blunted against enemy armour make many Orks choose good old choppas as their weapon of choice, although chain-choppas are inarguably deadly in combat - once their teeth even graze flesh, their motorised bite hooks deeper and saws through muscle, sinew and bone with the same, surgical ease. Wounds inflicted by these weapons are equally horrifying as the weapons turn bodies into uncauterised, mangled mass of flesh.[12]

Chains and Flails

Chains and crude flails are not as popular as other Ork weapons, but some Boys fancy them for their advantages - they are great for whacking opponents from speeding vehicles and they can't be blocked. However, some inexperienced Yoofs can wrap the weapon around their neck, doing more damage to themselves then the enemy.[2]

See also: Grotwhip


Spears lack the bone-splintering "crunchiness" of the more common Ork weapons, but they give their user the advantage in reach, and can be chucked at an enemy in an attempt to hurt him.[2] Beast Snagga Squighog Boyz use a variant of the Spear known as a Stikka.[15]

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