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Chosen of Abaddon

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The Chosen of Abaddon in the late 41st millennium.

The Chosen of Abaddon are four powerful lieutenants under the patronage of Abaddon the Despoiler.


Each of the Chosen of Abaddon is a mighty Chaos Lord in his own right and in charge of his own forces. When brought together by their master, they fulfil specific tasks in major operations such as the Black Crusades. The various titles and duties each of them bears are somewhat aligned to one of the four Gods of Chaos.[2]

Should one of the Chosen fall, either killed in battle or executed for failure, another Chaos Lord of equal strength will inevitably rise and take his place.[2]

Titles and duties

  • The Lord Ravager is in charge of the Chaos fleets and the first to make landfall on a target world.[2] Devotee of Khorne.
  • The Lord Deceiver is a Chaos Sorcerer who uses his warp spawned visions to direct a Black Crusade from system to system.[2] Devotee of Tzeentch.
  • The Lord Corruptor tends the morale of the troops by inspiring fear and hatred. He collects the skulls of failed servants on his trophy rack.[2] Devotee of Nurgle.
  • The Lord Purgator is responsible for the enslavement of the populace of a fallen world and the desecration and corruption of the local edifices.[2] Devotee of Slaanesh.

Known members

Former Members

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