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Chronicle of Ashes

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The Chronicle of Ashes was a Gloriana Class Battleship in the Word Bearers fleet during the Great Scouring. It was captured by the Ultramarines and eventually re-entered service with the Nemesis Chapter as the Lex Talonis.[1]


In 017.M31 the Chronicle of Ashes and a handful of Word Bearers cruisers were discovered in the Dominion of Storms by an Ultramarines task force consisting of the 19th, 48th, and 207th Destroyer cadres. After overwhelming her escorts, the Ultramarines captured the Chronicle of Ashes after a two-day boarding action.[1]

The newly-formed Inquisition examined the ship, transcribing Colchisian text that covered the upper decks describing the history of the Word Bearers into a series of tomes sealed in archives beneath the Imperial Palace. The ship was cleansed, techsorcised, rechristened the Lex Talonis, and returned to the Ultramarines in 022.M31. The ship was granted to the Nemesis Chapter.[1]

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