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Cirenholm was a settlement on the Industrial World of Phantine, located in the planet's West Continental Reaches.[1a][1b]


As with all of the inhabited areas of Phantine, Cirenholm was located on top of a mountain, as the ground layer of Phantine is covered with kilometres-deep cloud-oceans of dense toxic pollution. By the year 771.M41, Cirenholm had a population of 203,000. Its primary export was chemicals, produced by the city's vapour mills.[1a] It was regarded as a relatively wealthy city.[1c]

Cirenholm was located roughly south of Phantine's capital, Ouranberg, and was roughly a fifth the size of that city.[1f] Most of Cirenholm is contained in three domes. The first and second domes were clustered together on the main peak of Cirenholm's mountain while the third dome, smaller than the other two, was built on a lower secondary peak of the same mount.[1a]


During the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Phantine was subjugated by the forces of Chaos under Sagittar Slaith. As the planet's cities were not designed as fortified structures, they fell to the invading Blood Pact easily.[1a] Many of the city's inhabitants, including all of Cirenholm's priests, were killed[1e] while the surviving civilian populace were rounded up and held captive in the city's tertiary dome.[1d]

Eventually Imperial forces came to liberate Phantine and put its chemical resources to use fuelling the Sabbat Crusade. Lord General Barthol Van Voytz despatched an Astra Militarum taskforce in an aerial insertion mission. Although capturing Cirenholm's vapour mill was one of the taskforce's objectives, Van Voytz mainly wanted to use Cirenholm as a stepping stone to taking Phantine's capital, Ouranberg.[1a]

The force was spearheaded by Colonel Zhyte of the Seventh Urdeshi Storm-troop, supported by the Tanith First and Only and the Phantine Skyborne. Backing them up were the Imperial Navy and the Phantine Fighter Corps.[1a] The Imperial liberation was successful, but the Urdeshi suffered serious casualties and Colonel Zhyte was crippled by injuries sustained in the operation. This led Van Voytz and his tacticians to reconsider their planned approach for the liberation of Ouranberg.[1d][1e]

While preparing for the Ouranberg invasion was underway, a Blood Pact cell attempted to infiltrate the lower areas of the city and destroy it. They managed to stockpile around three tonnes of explosives but, before they could amass enough materiel, they were discovered stealing from a supply delivery from Hessenville by a number of Tanith Guardsmen. The Imperials were able to track down and eliminate the cultists before they could cause any real damage.[1f][1g]

Notable Features


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