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Civilised World

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Image of the Civilised World

A γ-class[2] or civilised world is a classification of planet type in the Imperium.[2]

Of all the types of settlement in the Imperium, civilised worlds are the most common (although the term "civilised" here refers to their urban landscapes rather than to any pretence of social decorum[3].) On these self-sufficient worlds, the main population centres tend to be large cities or other urban environments that are supported by the planet's own agricultural production. The state of development both technologically and socially varies, but is most commonly around the current Imperial norm. Most adjuncts of the Imperial state will normally have a presence on the planet[1]. By the classification guidelines, a civilised world has a population from 15,000,000 to 10,000,000,000 and pays tithes between Solutio Extremis and Exactis Tertius[2].

Subtypes of Civilised World[2]

Notable Civilised Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affilation Population Notes
Adumbria[4] Unknown Imperium Unknown
Auxesia (former) Unknown Formerly — Imperium None Now — Dead World
Amistel Majoris[5] Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Calth Ultima Imperium Unknown
Cartheginus (former) Unknown
(just outside the Segmentum Solar)
Unknown, formerly Chaos (Horus), formerly Imperium Unknown Former Refinery World.
Now — Dead World
Chordelis (former) Ultima Imperium 16,000,000, with a PDF strength of 50,000 before destruction Now — Dead World
Crux Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Cyclopea Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Cyrene (former) Ultima Imperium None Now — Dead World
Delta Radhima Unknown Imperium Unknown
Dheneb Unknown Imperium Unknown
Elysia Solar Imperium Unknown
Elysiar Obscurus Modren’s Realm Unknown
Gudrun Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Happenstance Imperium Was part of the the Sanctimonia Conflict
Hyrion Major Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — Desert World
Jollana Unknown Imperium Unknown
Jouran Unknown Imperium Unknown
Karos (former) Unknown Imperium Unknown Now — Ice World, former Industrial World, former Mining World
Kaurava I Ultima Imperium Unknown
Kaurava II Ultima Imperium Unknown
Kaurava III Ultima Imperium Unknown
Kaurava IV Ultima Imperium Unknown
Kintarre Unknown Imperium Unknown
Kronus Ultima Imperium Unknown Also — Tomb World
Luna[6] Solar Imperium Billions Moon of Terra, also — Death World
Lurid IX Ultima Imperium Unknown
Lysios (former) Ultima None Now — Dead World
Manzipor Unknown Imperium Unknown
Minerva Solar Imperium Unknown
Modren Prime Obscurus Modren's Realm Unknown
Perlia Ultima Imperium Unknown
Pyran Solar Imperium Unknown
Pyrites Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Rhanda Solar Imperium Unknown
Sahch-V Unknown Imperium Unknown
Sarum Unknown Imperium Unknown
Scathe Obscurus Modren's Realm Unknown
Surealis VI Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Tahnel Solar Imperium Unknown Also - an Ocean World
Tallarn Tempestus Imperium Unknown
Tanakreg Unknown Imperium Unknown, probably one or two million Also — Dead World
Tannen's World Unknown Imperium Unknown
Therion Tempestus Imperium Unknown
Trepytos Solar Imperium Unknown
Truan IX (former) Unknown Unknown, former Imperium None Now — Dead World
Valhalla Ultima Imperium Unknown
Varoli Secundus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Voltemand Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Vordrost Pacificus Imperium Unknown


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