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Claim Jumper

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A Claim Jumper and his Techmite Autoveyor[1]

Claim Jumpers are the most skilled and enterprising treasure-seekers of Necromunda's Ironhead Squat Prospectors, who scour the Hive World's Ash Wastes for unstaked mining sites and potential plunder.[1]


These hardy explorers have a nose for finding such sites and are greatly aided by their Techmite Autoveyors Robots. These small machines are often treated like pets by their owners and no Claim Jumper worthy of the title, would ever set foot in the Ash Wastes without their trusty scuttling Techmites. While long-established Ironhead protocol dictates that any staked resource site the Claim Jumpers find belongs to their Clan, they have been known to swipe the resources, with their Power Picks and Gem Extractors, before an Ironhead gang can even begin to harvest the discovered sites.[1]