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Clan Haarmek

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Clan Haarmek Symbol

Clan Haarmek, known as the "Relic Guard", is one of the ten active Clan Companies of the Iron Hands, recognized as the 5th Company.[3b]


Known as the Relic Guard, Haarmek takes the Iron Hands affinity for technology even further. They are charged with preserving Medusa's precious horde of ancient technology, most chiefly among these the STC fragments within the Gorgon's Forge that is said to have coded messages and a schematic for Ferrus Manus's inheritance. Millennia of attempts at conversation and repair have been fruitless, however, but Haarmek still wrestles with the mystery. The Clan counts more Venerable Dreadnoughts than any other Clan, which has led to the Iron Council decreeing that they are best suited for guarding relics.[3b]

By nature and duty, Clan Haarmek are methodical in thought and monolithic in deed. Individuality is frowned upon here more than anywhere else within the Medusan domain. Not for the Haarmek the emotional responses of Clan Raukaan. Heroism is judged as weakness and instead they strive to move as one in a doctrine that is both their greatest strength and weakness. Despite their striving, Haarmek are as prone to wrath as any. Nowhere is this seen more than an attempt to steal a relic from the Gorgon's Forge, an act that will launch them in a vicious punitive crusade. The increased number of raids in recent years, such as those by the Kabal of the Bladed Lotus, have seen the Haarmek successfully petition the Iron Council for permission to reclaim and restore the ancient Telstarax.[3b]

Notable Members