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Kaargul Clan

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Symbol of Clan Kaargul

The Kaargul Clan, known as the "Watchers of Karaashi" is a Clan of the Iron Hands Space Marines currently recognized as the 4th Company.[3]


To Kaargul, there is no greater virtue than patience and for 10,000 years they have stood sentry over the icy expanse of the Kaarashi region of Medusa waiting for the second coming of Ferrus Manus. They believe that when the Imperium needs Ferrus to return, he will do so and see this not as faith but as elementary logic. Few within the chapter have the heart to challenge Kaargul's claims and understand that as long as they continue their vigil, hope remains. In battle, the Clan applies its patience to strategic arts. Their plans are multi-layered and complex, accounting for every unfavorable outcome. This, however, has given the Clan a dour reputation in a Chapter already infamous for its lack of cheer. Under the leadership of Maarkol Rumann, Kaargul has doubled its number of Whirlwinds, Predators, and Hunters and now boasts as much as any other two clans combined. His successor, Brask, has since wielded these weapons with unfaltering precision. Rumann continues to serve within the Clan as a Dreadnought, having suffered a mortal injury at Kalametha.[3]

Marines of the Clan are known to speak in a Medusan dialect known as Ekfrasi.[6]

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Canon Conflicts

While the current Iron Hands Codex lists Rumann as commanding Kaargul on pg. 11[3], it later states on page 15 that he was replaced by Brask. Urban Conquest however, states that Arlaan now leads Kaargul.[4]