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Clan Raukaan

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Iron Hands Clan Company; for the Codex, see Clan Raukaan - A Codex: Space Marines Supplement.
Symbol of Clan Raukaan

Clan Raukaan, known as the "Firehearts" are one of the Clan Companies of the Iron Hands currently recognized as the 3rd Company.[5]


With a reputation for unpredictability, some on the Iron Council say Clan Raukaan has broken with logic in favor of emotion. However none can ignore their achievements, and many fleets of the Indomitus Crusade have been thankful of the Clan's unorthodoxy. That being said, their unpredictability has also led to suffering such as in the doomed Sabbyst Planetstrike. It is thanks to the efforts of Iron Father Feirros on the Iron Council that Clan Raukaan has maintained its status as the 3rd Company but the Clan's enemies wait for a moment for him and Iron-Captain Klaarc Kalag, to slip up. The clan's sacrifices are immortalized by a large number of Dreadnoughts even for the standards of the Iron Hands.[5]

The Clan itself suffered heavy losses after the Skarvus Ambush and were subsequently led by Iron Father Kristos until the Gaudinian Heresy, when Kristos became corrupted by Slaanesh.[3b] Arven Rauth assumed control of the Clan in the aftermath of the Gaudinian Heresy, and he led Raukaan in the Purging of Contqual against the forces of Chaos in 812.M41.[1b][1c] Later, they took part in the Battle of Medusa during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[2] Since the formation of the Great Rift they have also experienced glory during the Indomitus Crusade but also incidents of shame such as strife with the Imperial Fists at Xalladin. Iron-Captain Sind Grolvoch was killed in the Sabbyst Planestrike by Fulgrim himself and in the aftermath Klaarc Kalag has taken command.[5]

Marines of the Clan are known to speak in a Medusan dialect known as Tergiza.[1b]

Notable Formations

  • Tactical Squad Riis (2nd Squad): A squad notorious to fight at the very forefront of every operation they take part in. They are also the most accomplished drop-assault specialists in the Clan Company, even surpassing some of the Assault Squads in their fervour of battle. The members of the squad are of a bellicose nature, renowned for their excess of choler and fury, and their Brother Sergeant is a zealous devotee of Kardan Stronos. This is so extreme that even has led to censure within the ranks of Clan Raukaan itself.[3a]
  • Tactical Squad Kalag (5th Squad): Known for their methodical efficiency, even when heavily outnumbered, the members of the squad take pride in never taking a step backwards, even in the most desperate of situations.[3a]
  • Assault Squad Neim (7th Squad): This squad excels in the support and optimization of the Clan Company's armoured offensives, efficiently taking to the battlefield alongside the tanks and Dreadnoughts of Clan Raukaan. At the Battle of Broken Hopes, the squad effectively formed an informal honour guard for Venerable Furnous - a task that several members paid for with their lives and for which they were later honoured by being interred into Dreadnoughts themselves.[3a]
  • Devastator Squad Selox (9th Squad). This Devastator Squad that is unofficially referred to as Ferrus' Vengeance is famous for its members' ability to record, catalogue and maintain a grievance against the Iron Hands or the Imperium practically indefinitely, sometimes for hundreds of years - and to act on it when the opportunity arises.[3a]

Known Vessels

Known Members


Pre-Great Rift forces of Clan Raukaan[1d]