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Clan Raukaan

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Symbol of Clan Raukaan
The forces of Clan Raukaan[1]
2drones.gif This article is about the Iron Hands Clan Company; for the Codex, see Clan Raukaan - A Codex: Space Marines Supplement.

Clan Raukaan are one of the Clan Companies of the Iron Hands.


The Clan itself suffered heavy losses after the Skarvus Ambush and were subsequently led by Iron Father Kristos until the Gaudinian Heresy, when Kristos became corrupted by Slaanesh.[3b] Arven Rauth assumed control of the Clan in the aftermath of the Gaudinian Heresy, and he led Raukaan in the Purging of Contqual against the forces of Chaos in 812.M41.[1] Later, they took part in the Battle of Medusa during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[2]

Marines of the Clan are known to speak in a Medusan dialect known as Tergiza.[1]

Notable Formations

  • Tactical Squad Riis (2nd Squad) -

Tactical Squad Riis have a well-earned reputation for fighting at the very forefront of every battle they join. The most accomplished drop-assault specialists in the entire clan company, Squad Riis exceed even some of Clan Raukaan’s Assault Squads with the fervour of their attacks. This is due in large part to the bellicose nature of the battle-brothers that make up the squad. Their brother sergeant is a wrathful warrior whose minimalist augmetics and readily expressed emotions mark him as a zealous devotee of Kardan Stronos. The rest of Squad Riis are little different, renowned for their excess of choler and fury. On occasion, this outlook has led them to censure, even within the ranks of Clan Raukaan. Yet each time they surge from their Drop Pod into the heart of the foe with their boltguns blazing, Tactical Squad Riis reap a fearsome tally of the foe.[3a]

  • Tactial Squad Kalag (5th Squad) -

The warriors of Tactical Squad Kalag are notorious for their methodical efficiency, even in the face of overwhelming enemy numbers. The other squads of the clan company claim that the battle-brothers of Kalag never waste a single shot, their exceptional fire control subroutines ensuring that every bolt finds its optimum mark in the body of a foe. Behind this dispassionate, mechanical mask, though, the battle-brothers of Squad Kalag conceal their own brand of cold, vehement hatred. It is a mark of pride amongst the squad that no member of Kalag will ever take a single step backward, and their multitude of bionic augmentations are testament to the toll paid for their stubbornness. In battle, Squad Kalag will refuse to give ground no matter how great the enemy’s numbers or how hopeless the situation may appear.[3a]

  • Assault Squad Neim (7th Squad) -

Assault Squad Neim have become expert in the support and optimization of Clan Raukaan’s armoured offensives. Whenever the clan company’s tanks or Dreadnoughts are deployed en masse, the battle-brothers of Neim go to war alongside them. To this end, they have trained relentlessly in the art of fighting in concert with such potent engines of war. They can spot and exploit a breakthrough the moment it occurs, can read the intentions of a tank’s machine spirit through subtle nuances of code-bleed and weapon orientation, and are experts at timing their counter-attacks to intercept potential infantry threats to a vehicle’s vulnerable flanks and rear. At the battle of Broken Hopes, Squad Neim even formed an informal honour guard for Venerable Furnous. Several battle-brothers gave their lives to protect the mighty Dreadnought before the fighting was done, and were honoured with interment into Dreadnought sarcophagi of their own after the war’s end.[3a]

  • Devastator Squad Selox (9th Squad) -

Referred to unofficially as ‘Ferrus’ Vengeance’, Devastator Squad Selox are well known for their ability to record, catalogue and maintain a grievance almost indefinitely. Though their target prioritisation protocols never show overt signs of being overridden, and their battlefield effectiveness remains within optimal parameters, Squad Selox will always seize an opportunity to avenge an old slight when on campaign. Time and again, their battle-brothers have been heard to identify heretic war engines or monstrous horrors as perpetrators of some previous atrocity against the Chapter or the Imperium, these fell deeds sometimes dating from hundreds of years in the past. Once their identities have been confirmed by Squad Selox’s merciless marksmen, these foes will be targeted with extreme detestation, fired upon to the exclusion of all else until they are reduced to flaming ruin.[3a]

Known Vessels

  • Omnipotence (Land Behemoth) - Unlike most of the ground-based Land Behemoth's of the Iron Hands, Clan Raukaan's is fully capable of operating in the void of space.[4]

Known Members