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Class (planet)

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There are many different forms of planet spread throughout the galaxy. Some areas of the Galaxy have many worlds of a similar state. An example of this are the worlds of the Halo Zone at the furthermost reaches of the Galaxy, which consists mostly of dead planets orbiting very old stars. Worlds near the galactic core are also almost invariably dead or barren.

Imperial Planet Classifications

Imperial World Classes

Imperial planets are categorized by the Imperium into several broad classes according to their function, type of civilization and technological level.[1a]

Alternate classifications

As well as their "official" classification, Imperial planets can also be also be divided into other categories, including -

It should be noted that a planet may belong to more than one classification. For example, Fenris is both an Astartes Homeworld and a Death world.

General Planet Classifications

Planets are also often referred to by their dominant geographic or topographic features -

Again, planets may belong to more than one classification — Catachan is both an Jungle world and a Death world, for example.

Xenos and Chaos Planet Classifications


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