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Clawed Fiend

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Clawed Fiend[4]

The Clawed Fiends are an alien species, originating from the Donorian Sector [1]


These semi-sentient monsters care nothing for civilisation or war, only for their animalistic instincts of consuming prey.[2] They are hulking monsters of muscle and fur with incredible senses capable of perceiving multiple spectrums at once, and are known to be at their most dangerous state after having been wounded as the scent of their own bleeding ichor sends them into a berserk fury that few warriors will be quick enough to escape.[3]

Clawed Fiends are made use of by the Dark Eldar, as long ago the Webway Portal leading into the Donorian system was destroyed by the force of a Warp Storm, splitting the portal apart and allowing Clawed Fiends to enter and infest the adjacent Webway tunnels. Since then they have become one of the main creatures used by Beastmasters, who capture them for bloody hunts in the gladiatorial Wych arenas of Commorragh or for use as war-beasts in Real Space raids.[3]


The face of a fiend is flat, and, unlike the rest of it's hairy head and hide, is lacking any fur, instead being covered with a thick, leathery skin. Three pairs of eyes allow vision in multiple light spectrums, and large, sensitive ears allow fiends to filter out any background noise for the slightest telltale movements of prey.[5]

Long fur originating from the head covers their back and long limbs, with those limbs ending in edged chitin claws about the size of an ork's finger, and as sharp as a combat knife. The strength that they are able to exert is roughly equivalent to that of a space marine, but the length of their limbs gives them a reach advantage.[5]

At the base of the fiend's back, a long tail, made of exposed bone and sinew, ends in a spike, which it can also use as a weapon.[5]


Although originating in the Donorian sector, clawed fiends have spread over the galaxy, even as far as the Koronus Expanse, where they can be found on the worlds of Burnscour, Gallant, Molokov, Lucin's Breath, and Vaporius.[5]


When clawed fiends find themselves on a new world for whatever reason, they quickly become that world's alpha predator, killing anything they encounter, and eating whatever they want.[5]



Clawed Fiends first appeared as a simple illustration of a 'Clawed Fiend of the Donorian Sector' in the diagram "other dangerous aliens", along with early versions of a Kroot warrior, Necron, Tarellian dog soldier, a Nocturnal Warrior of Hrud and other minor species, in the 3rd Edition Rulebook.[1]


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