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Claws of Lorek

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The Chaos Space Marine warband known as the Claws of Lorek have been sighted within the area of the Maelstrom, and are noted as a possible splinter group of the renegade Astral Claws. They use a reverse of the Astral Claws' tiger-stripe pattern.[1]

Claws of Lorek
Lorek.JPG Unknown.jpg
Origin: Possibly Astral Claws
Colours: Black with metal trim, red/black tiger-stripe pattern on shoulders and greaves
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Unknown


The Claws of Lorek, led by Neshan Voor, were members of the Bloodborn army which took part in the Invasion of Ultramar led by Warsmith Honsou and the Daemon Prince M'kar in 999.M41.[2a][2b][2c]

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