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Cloneskeins refer to a series of stable mutations utilized by the Leagues of Votann.[1]

These gene pool systems were developed by the First Ancestors and resulted in stable mutations that still underpin the entire genetic structure of the Squats of the Leagues of Votann to this day. While the Kin of the Leagues are all clones, the Cloneskeins draw upon deep and varied genetic pools, which ensures they are not identical. In practical terms, the Cloneskeins have produced the Squat to have denser bones and muscles than baseline Humans. Their species also have higher red and white blood cell counts, and formidable strength and resilience.[1][2] Other Cloneskeins impart enhanced reaction times, infra-red vision, or limited resistance to extreme temperatures, gravity, and radiation.[1]

More esoteric, Cloneskeins allowed the souls of the Kin to shine far more dimly in the Warp than other races such as Humans. Thus the Kin have no uncontrolled Psyker mutation, and only those with appropriate psychoactive Cloneskeins can activate so-called Barrier-Tech that allows psychically active Kin to interact with the Warp. This makes it extremely rare for Kin to fall victim to Mutation, Possession, or the temptations of Chaos.[1]

Many Cloneskeins manifest physically, whether it be unusually coloured eyes or skin, craggy subdermal layers, chemical body odours, or various other giveaways. To Humanity, such physical abnormalities would surely cause prejudice, but to the Kin they are badges of valued ability.[1]