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Close Combat Weapons

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Ranged Close Combat
Space Marine combat knife

Close combat weapons are anything that can be used in melee combat to actively harm the enemy. Close Combat Weapons come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and destructive potential. In its most basic form, a close combat weapon is simply a solid object which relies on the sharpness of its blade (or bluntness is some cases) and the strength of the user to inflict damage. More advanced weapons such as the Power Weapon, incorporate some form of powered element which will reduce the reliance of the weapon's destructive potential on the physical strength of the impact.

Often, a close combat weapon is paired with a pistol of some kind. This way, the user has the chance to use the gun while in close quarters melee.

Types of close combat weapons









Dark Eldar






Genestealer Cults


Tau Empire


Leagues of Votann