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Codex: Space Wolves (2nd Edition)

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Codex: Space Wolves
Codex Space Wolves 2nd Edition FCover.jpg
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Illustrator(s) John Blanche, Wayne England, Dave Gallagher, Jes Goodwin, Mark Gibbons
Released 1994
Pages 88
ISBN ISBN 1-872372-71-6
Followed by Codex: Space Wolves (3rd Edition)

The General Structure

Codex Space Wolves is a codex army book for Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition.


Army List

This book contains a complete army list for using a Space Wolves army.


This book contains background on:

  • Fenris
  • History of the Space Wolves
  • Organisation of the Space Wolves

Special Characters

Hobby Section

This book contains hobby information on:

Other Publications

  • Codex, a general overview of all Codex publications.