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Codex: Tyranids (6th Edition)

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Codex: Tyranids
Released January 2014
Pages 104
Preceded by Codex: Tyranids (5th Edition)
Followed by Codex: Tyranids (8th Edition)

General Structure

Codex: Tyranids is a Codex for the 6th Edition of the Games Workshop table top game Warhammer 40,000. The hardcover book has 104 pages and is printed in full color.


  • The Great Devourer — a guide to the background of the Tyranids.
  • Forces of the Hive Mind — includes new Warlord Traits; Tyranid special rules; and a detailed description of all Tyranid organisms.
  • Weapons and Biomorphs — Rules for Tyranid Biomorphs and psychic powers.
  • Colours of the hive fleets — miniature showcase

New Units

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