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Codex Waaagh!-startes

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The Codex Waaagh!-startes is an M42 text written by the Blood Axe Orgruk Badfragg, via yelling at the Grot Snivlit, and it is his interpretation of the Space Marines' Codex Astartes.[1]


It was intended to teach the Space Marines' tactics to Orks and includes torn passages from the Codex. Badfragg's interpretations are beneath them, though, in order for them to be understood by Orks. Such as the Codex's entry stating to conserve ammo, which did not make sense to Badfragg. So he instead modified it, so the entry said not to conserve ammo. Badfragg later claimed that with the knowledge gained from the Codex Astartes, the Orks would be unstoppable.[1]

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