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Cogitator is the Imperial term for computers.[1] and they are sometimes referred to as Cogitator Banks.[3]


Produced by the Adeptus Mechanicus, it is said that Cogitators have a highly intelligent Machine Spirit but it does not approach that of true Artificial Intelligence.[1] They are mostly large and largely mechanical, though can also include organic components. Cogitators are incorporated into buildings or spaceships, but smaller, portable examples do exist. These smaller ones are used by the Inquisition to hold and process information while on the move.[2]

Space Marine Kill Team Units use powerful versions of Cogitators that are able to conduct countless calculations on the foes they face. This is based off of information entered into the machines which, after analyzing, can provide a foe's likely response times to different kinds of attack, their patrol patterns and identify weaknesses in the foe's defenses.[3]