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Cohors Nasicae

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Cohors Nasicae
Chosen of Lucius.JPG Unknown.jpg
Origin: Emperor's Children
Leader: Lucius the Eternal
Base of operations: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Slaanesh
Strength: Unknown

The Cohors Nasicae is an Emperor's Children unit that has taken on several forms over its existence.


Squad Nasicae fought alongside Captain Lucius at the battle of the Precentor’s Palace during the reconquest of Isstvan III, only three of the Squad survived the battle.[2a]

As the Cohors Nasicae, they became the bodyguard of Lucius during the Horus Heresy.[1] Post-Heresy, this group became Lucius's personal warband, based on the vessel the Diadem. Its Raptor Cult was known as the Rypax.[3]

Known Members

Great Crusade

Post Heresy


Cohors Nasicae during the Heresy.[1]