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Coldfire Kindred

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The Coldfire Kindred is a Kroot Kindred that is currently active in the Spinward Front.[1]

Unlike other Kroot, and particularly the highly traditionalist Oathbreakers, the Coldfire Kindred has a marked affinity for advanced technology. Coldfire warriors often wear scavenged armour and use the pulse weapons of their Tau allies. Other Kroot view the Coldfire Kindred as eccentric or perverse and as being overreliant on technology, although the Kindred largely ignores them.[1]

The Coldfire Kindred is not especially large, but its mercenaries have a reputation for reliability and effectiveness. The Kindred usually provides its services in exchange for payments of archeotech and Dark Age technology. Their Warsphere, the Avar, is equipped with some of the most sophisticated and powerful weaponry in the Front, a fact that it reportedly demonstrated by destroying an Imperial squadron led by the Dauntless Light Cruiser Warspite when the latter attempted to interdict it en route to Ohmsworld.[1]