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Colony World

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Colony Worlds are worlds that contain Imperial colonies, which have been established with the aid of the Departmento Colonia.[1]

Notable Colony Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Notes
Ahbtospar's Folly[2] Segmentum Pacificus[2] Invaded during the Fourth Tyrannic War and is now nearly overrun.[2]
Ereus V[1] Ereus System[1] Declared lost in 471.M40. Its current status is unknown.[1]
Klybo[3b] Segmentum Obscurus[3b] Former Colony World, due to Klybo's harsh environment spurning all efforts to settle it.[3b]
Meseda Quintus[4] Former Colony World, left devastated after its population fell to Heresy.[4]
Teruxyne[5] Former Colony World whose population was purged by the Inquisition after they were infected by the Sinners' Plague disease.[5]
Xit[6] Ultima Segmentum[6] Conquered by Orks, its current status is unknown following the Space Wolves' 519th Crusade.[6]
Zel Tertius[3a] Segmentum Obscurus[3a] Considered to be a model colony. Also a Frontier World[3a]


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