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Combat drug

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Combat drugs or combat stimms come from a variety of sources and have a wide range of effects, usually temporarily altering a user's mental state or increasing physical or mental performance in some way.


Combat drugs are often seen as distasteful, in part due to the fact that the method of manufacture can sometimes include the liquidation of human victims. Such methods are most likely associated with Slaaneshi cults.[Needs Citation]

Combat stimms invariably have some side effects related to their use, often causing damage to regular users, whether it be physical or mental.[Needs Citation]

Combat drugs are used by the Imperium to some degree, most notably by the Eversor Temple of the Officio Assassinorum to produce extremely violent and nearly uncontrollable killers, despite the fact that this impressive cocktail of chemicals within their bodies can possibly produce explosive results. Combat drugs are also administered to Penal Legion troops through such means as chem-inhalers and Frenzon dispensers. This has the effect of easily and cost-efficiently making dependable soldiers out of undisciplined but otherwise suitably violent troops. Imperial Gland Warriors have permanently attached organs which release combat drugs during combat.[Needs Citation]

Among Chaos forces, Slaanesh-worshiping Chaos Marines regularly make use of combat drugs to increase their ability to fully experience the exhilaration of battle.[Needs Citation]Dark Eldar Wych Cults are known to have regular use for a variety of combat drugs to enhance their balletic dexterity even further,[8a] even though their effect is known to dramatically shorten the life expectancy of the user.[8b]

List of known stimulants and effects

  • Frenzon: A general term for psychological control drugs inducing many different mental states, such as frenzy, hatred, fear, etc. These drugs are most notably administered to Penal Legion troops through frenzon dispensers, to produce the desired effects during combat.
  • Kalma: A name for a general group of euphoric sedatives. Often used for medical reasons, or for keeping captured prisoners compliant.[3]
  • Stimm, Gamma Æ, Rage, Satrophine: Names of different combat drugs inducing similar effects: speeding up the user's reflexes and movement and increasing physical strength and endurance; the longer the drug remains in effect, the greater the chance of the drug causing injury. Stimm is known to mask pain and push the user past the point where their body would give up.[1][2]
  • Onslaught: Increases a user's perceptions and reaction time at the cost of reducing all other mental capacities, sometimes permanently.
  • Psychon: Increases strength by adrenaline manipulation, though it places the user into an uncontrollable rage.[Needs Citation]
  • Reflex: Increases reaction time, but also increases suggestion and vulnerability to psychic attack.[Needs Citation]
  • Barrage: Doubles the user's physical performance, but causes catastrophic physical damage within minutes.[Needs Citation]
  • 'Slaught: Increases speed, but at the possible cost of ones neurological functions and toughness.[Needs Citation]
  • Spook: Increases the user's psychic potential, but makes their mind more susceptible to mental damage while they do so.
  • Spur: Randomly increases physical performance, though it may cause injury.
  • Fury: an illegal combat stimm that induces berserk fits of rage.[4]
  • Cyanomorphide: enables certain mutants to change their appearances.[5a]
  • Psytroprene: wipes the user's memories, irreversibly.[5b]
  • Klay - Sharpens all five senses and improves recall.[9]
  • PNP[6]
  • Mankweed[6]
  • Hulk Dust[6]
  • Hypex - used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the user's initiative.[7]
  • Serpentin - used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the user's skills with their weapons.[7]
  • Grave Lotus used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the user's strength.[7]
  • Painbringer - used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the user's toughness.[7]
  • Adrenalight - used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the power of the user's attacks.[7]
  • Splintermind - used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults. Increases the user's leadership skills.[7]

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