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Combat Shield

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Combat Shield, Deliverance pattern[1]

A combat shield is a lighter, more manoeuvrable version of a Storm Shield.[1]

It utilizes similar technology to that used by power weapons, to produce a field of energy around the face of the shield. It is used by the Space Marines and is a smaller and less-protective version of the Storm Shield used by Terminator armoured Marines.[Needs Citation] Due to its flexibility, Combat Shields leave other hand of a Space Marine free to use other hand-to-hand weaponry.[1]

The shield is made of plasteel and incorporates a power generator which, when activated, produces a small field of energy around the face of the shield. The shield can take many shapes depending on the Chapter. The Crimson Fists use coffin-shaped shields, the Blood Angels use cruciforms, and the Iron Fists' shields take the form of armoured gauntlets. It is small enough to be strapped to the arm, leaving both hands free for another weapon to be used.[Needs Citation]

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