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Commander Surestrike is a Tau Commander.

A disciple of Commander Shadowsun, Surestrike's first known major command was destroying survivors of Mu'gulath Bay who sought to defect to the Farsight Enclaves.[1a]

Shadowsun came to recommended Surestrike to command the Fourth Sphere of Expansion. However, disaster struck due to an overload of the fleet's AL-38 Slipstream Modules, creating a wormhole that threw the expedition across much of the galaxy. Lost in a nightmarish alternate dimension for an unclear period of time, Surestrike's fleet eventually re-emerged into realspace and immediately attempted to re-contact the Tau Empire. His forces were eventually successful, and when the Fifth Sphere of Expansion re-emerged at the other side of the Startide Nexus, he greeted Shadowsun personally to the new Tau bastion in the heart of Imperial space.[1b] The experience within the Warp has left Surestrike jaded and bitter. He will break the Tau taboo by subtly criticizing Ethereals, and has expressed open racism towards Tau Auxiliaries, blaming them for the catastrophe that befell the 4th Sphere.[2a]

During the Battle of the Startide Nexus, Surestrike frequently clashed with non-Tau allies as well as Commander Shadowsun.[2a] After Shadowsun attempted to learn the truth of what befell the 4th Sphere, he was briefly placed by Aun'la as Supreme Commander of Tau military forces.[2b] However after Shadowsun achieved victory against the Death Guard in the battle, he was placed back under her command by the Ethereal Council.[2c]