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Symbol of the Officio Prefectus

The Commissariat, also known as the Officio Prefectus[3], is a faculty of the Departmento Munitorum overseeing the activities of the Commissar officer corps within the Astra Militarum.[1]

The Commissariat attaches Commissars to most Regiments of the Imperial Guard to inspire its men, boost morale, and if necessary take control when its commanders or soldiery are demonstrating a lack of zeal or competency. The Commissariat also recruits potential Commissars from the Ecclesiarchy's Schola Progenium then trains them for their duties within the Guard.[1]

Fleet Commissariat

The Imperial Navy also operates a corps of Commissars, known as the Fleet Commissariat. These officers perform the same function as their Imperial Guard counterparts.[2]

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