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Space Marine Command Squad

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Space Marine unit. For other uses of Command Squad, see Command Squad (disambiguation).

A Command Squad is a specialized unit formed around the Captain of a Space Marine Company.


The exact makeup of a Command Squad varies depending on the Chapter or the Captain, but a typical Codex Squad is composed of[1a]:

It is not uncommon for Space Marine Command Squads to be mounted on Space Marine Bikes if the commander they are guarding is mounted on one. The command squad may be outfitted with specialist gear such as melta bombs or storm shields, and may take a dedicated transport such as a Rhino or Razorback. Marines selected for a Command Squad are chosen not only for their combat skills, but also an equal measure of tactical and strategic aptitude. A Captain and his Command Squad inevitably go where the fighting is thickest in any battle, so only the luckiest and most experienced warriors survive more than a few battles - and those that do have proven themselves beyond all doubt, and are often nominated to succeed their Captain in the event of his death[1a].

Chapter Variations

The exact nature and title of a Command Squad varies between Chapters. Some examples include:

Noteworthy Command Squads


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