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Compliance of Isstvan III

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The Compliance of Isstvan III was a battle of the Great Crusade in 994.M30.[1]

The invasion of Isstvan III was overseen by the Raven Guard's Expeditionary Fleet led by Corax himself. Despite a lightning-fast surgical strike that took out most of the Isstvanians' infrastructure, the Human residents of the world put up fierce resistance to over 800 companies of Raven Guard. In the end, however, the capital of the world, the "Choral City", was bombed into ruins the Isstvanians were simply outmatched and surrendered to the Raven Guard.[1]

The Raven Guard were assisted by the Titans of the Legio Adamantus and Legio Victorum, along with Imperial Army soldiers of the Therion Cohort.[2]