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Comus Nocturnus

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Comus Nocturnus is a mysterious Blood Angels Space Marine.[1a]


Apparently a creation of the Yellow King, Comus is unusual in that he has organic angelic wings sprouting from his body much like those of Sanguinius. Amnesic and remembering nothing besides an eternity of torment while being chained to a rock and succumbing to the Red Thirst, Comus became loyal to Beta Bequin in her quest to discover the identity of the Yellow King after encountering her on Sancour.[1a] He was last seen defending Bequin from Cherubael, who was dispatched by Eisenhorn to retrieve her.[1b]

In the pocket dimension of the Yellow King known as the City of Dust, an army of winged Space Marines like Comus were seen in stasis.[1b]