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Conclave of Tears

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The Conclave of Tears are a faction of Eldar operating in the Jericho Reach.[1]


The Dead Cabal believes the Conclave of Tears to represent a convergence of several different factions within the Eldar, including, so far as they can ascertain, representatives of at least one craftworld, a corsair fleet, and even a Dark Eldar Kabal. Though no direct evidence has been found to solidly confirm it, the Prognosticator Rennin Tri'el holds that the elusive Harlequins are actively allied with the Conclave of Tears. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no evidence of the reclusive Exodites having any part to play in the conclave’s activities has been found, and it is not anticipated that any will be.[1]

As war rages across the three salients of the Jericho Reach, the Conclave of Tears appears to concentrate its efforts upon the scattered systems of the Outer Reach, though it has on occasion operated elsewhere. By a tireless cataloging of those of the Conclave’s activities they have detected, various members of the Dead Cabal have formulated a number of possible explanations as to their agenda. Collating the reports of Kill-teams returned from missions into the Outer Reach with those of certain precogs, savants, and seers in the Dead Cabal’s service, a vague picture has started to emerge, and one that portends ever more doom and bloodshed for the forces of the Imperium as they forge deeper into the benighted depths of the Jericho Reach.[1]

The Eldar of the Conclave of Tears, so certain members of the Dead Cabal have come to believe, are intent upon fomenting war in the Jericho Reach on an unprecedented scale. The Prognosticator has identified dozens of events that have led to outright war that can be traced to the hidden hand of what must surely be this enigmatic Eldar faction. When an entire Imperial Navy transport squadron was scuppered at high anchor during a layover at Karlack, for example, a Stigmartus landing force was able to deploy to the Wicked Sisters unopposed, turning what should have been a straightforward counter-insertion operation into a full blown suppression that raged for the best part of three years. When a questing offshoot of one of Hive Fleet Dagon’s vile tendrils was somehow drawn onto a seemingly insignificant clutch of worlds between Avalos and Treyan, it ran into an Imperial Guard task force mustering to deploy at Herisor, and wiped it out entirely. When a secret Imperial diplomatic mission was ambushed en route to a parley with Tau agents on an uncatalogued world near the Greyhell Front, both parties accused the other of duplicity, and many months of painstaking preparations were wasted. Individually, each of these events can be explained away as unfortunate accidents or coincidences. When taken together, however, they suggest to the Dead Cabal that the Eldar are deliberately bringing about as much bloodshed as they possibly can in the Jericho Reach, although for what ultimate end none have so far reached a conclusion.[1]

Known Members