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Confederation of Light

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The Confederation of Light was a religious order of the Imperium founded on the world of Dimmamar and a major rival to the Temple of the Saviour Emperor and later the Adeptus Ministorum.[1a]


The Confederation of Light emerged sometime after the Horus Heresy and like the Temple of the Savior Emperor, the dominant order of the Imperial Cult, worshiped the Emperor as a God. However, the Confederation believed that the sacrifice of the Emperor should serve as an example to everyone and advocated ideas of poverty, generosity, and humility, ideas that directly contradicted the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy and its Cardinals who lived lavishly. By M32 the power of the Ecclesiarchy over all other religious orders of the Imperium was absolute and the Confederation posed the only threat to its power. To curb the percieved threat of the Confederation to the Ecclesiarchy's power, the Ecclesiarch managed to pass a unanimous vote of the High Lords of Terra approving the first War of Faith. The Confederation of Light was declared a heretical organization and the forces of the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy invaded Dimmamar to eradicate this "spiritual threat". Though some of its followers managed to escape, the Confederation of Light ceased to exist as a powerful force within the Imperium and the dominance of the Adeptus Ministorum was now absolute.[1b]

However in M36 during the Age of Apostasy, the Confederation of Light would reemerge. This time, the order was led by Sebastian Thor and declared that the Master of the Administratum and Ecclesiarch Goge Vandire was a traitor. As a result of Vandire's Reign of Blood, mismanagement of the Imperium, and oppressive policies the new Confederation of Light under Thor found widespread support and entire Sectors backed the charismatic young preacher.[1c]

Realizing the threat Thor posed to his absolute rule over the Imperium, Vandire deployed his Frateris Templar to Dimmamar to wipe the world from existence. However the Templar fleet would be lost in a massive Warp Storm known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath. Shortly thereafter, the whole of Segmentum Obscurus erupted into rebellion and The Confederation of Light under Thor made a pilgrimage throughout the galaxy, denouncing Vandire and the Ecclesiarchy as the real heretics to the Emperor's faith. He was now backed not only by his faithful followers but also the Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Marines. Vandire would be killed in the ensuing turmoil.[1d]

Afterwards, Thor and the Confederation of Light were put under trial for their rebellious actions during the Wars of Apostasy. After much tense deliberations, the testimony of the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes spared both Thor and the order from being branded as heretical. Eventually, Thor would be made Ecclesiarch and the Confederation of Light was finally absorbed into the Adeptus Ministorum.[1e]