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Confrontation At Infernus Hive

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The Confrontation At Infernus Hive was a battle between the Dark Angels Fifth Company and the Orks of Warlord Chewgrim Klubboss, during the Third War for Armageddon.[1a]


One week after the start of the Third War for Armageddon, the Orks' forces punched through the Imperium's defenses north of Infernus Hive. As Orks, led by Warlord Chewgrim Klubboss, streamed through the breach, elements of the Dark Angels 5th Company, led by Company Master Aderson, rushed to secure a vital communication relay installation that lay in the Orks' path.[1a]

As the armies collided near the installation, the Orks initially had the upper hand, but the Dark Angels soon regrouped and began to push back against them. From there the flow of the battle changed constantly, and could easily have been won by either side, but the end came when the Dark Angels' confidence overtook them. A series of misguided manoeuvres led the Dark Angels to suffer heavy losses, before the Orks regrouped and began a massive charge that shattered the Dark Angels' formations. With the Dark Angels broken and scattered across the battlefield, the Orks captured the relay installation; the remnants of the Dark Angels' Fifth company were forced to retreat.[1b]