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Conqueror Class Robot

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Conqueror Class Robot(Traitor-colours)[1]

Conqueror Class Robots were a type of war robot deployed by the Legio Cybernetica.[1]

Protected by heavy armour and a power field/synchorniser unit, the Conqueror is particularly adept at taking out armoured vehicles and Dreadnoughts. Standard armament is a heavy bolter, autocannon and power fist, which can be swapped for lascannons, flamers, melta guns and bolter, as well as doubling up on any one.[1] Ultimately as the Horus Heresy approached, the final development of the Conquer Class was the Domitar Battle-Automata

The Iron Warriors Primarch Perturabo operated a force of Conqueror robots as his personal Honour Guard known as the Iron Circle.

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