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Constantinus Iconoclasm

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The Space Marine rebellion known as the Constantinus Iconclasm.

The Constantinus Iconoclasm was a serious renegade space marine rebellion against the Imperium on the world of Nova Terra.[1]


In the wake of a war against an infesting Genestealer Cult[2], Nova Terra was plunged into anarchy by the renegade Space Marine Constantinus the Liberator of the Sons of Guilliman Chapter, who renamed the world Constantinium. Following Constantinus' fall to Chaos and the addition of several Chaos Space Marine warbands to his forces, he began a war of conquest in the surrounding Viridis sector which he eventually conquered after a campaign lasting ten years.[2] Ultimately, Imperial forces led by the Iron Knights Chapter[2] were sent to stabilize the area and reconquer the sector. Their campaign lasted 13 years and culminated with the death of Constantinus at the hands of the Officio Assassinorum.[1][3]

A major incident in the war took place when the Shrine World of Salvation-Gamma is abandoned to the Night Reapers to the massed Chaos Space Marine and mutant forces closing in upon it, turning the guns of their gathered war fleet on the planet in order to grant the population what they consider a merciful end. The Ecclesiarchy lodges such objections with the High Lords that the Night Reapers are consigned to the Laanah Rifts. Within a decade, contact with the Chapter is almost entirely lost.[4]

Despite the Imperium's efforts, pockets of resistance still loyal to Constantinus have survived in the volcanic plateaus of the world.[1] In the late 41st millennium Constantinium, now renamed Nova Terra, has been reclaimed for the Imperium.[2]

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