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Conversion beam projector

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Conversion Beamer[2]
Space Marine Master of the Forge with conversion beamer

A conversion beam projector, often called a "conversion beamer" or simply a "beamer", is a heavy energy weapon.


The conversion beamer fires a high intensity energy beam which transforms matter into pure energy. A heavily armoured target or dense material will be rent apart as its matter explodes. The denser the material of the target the more matter is hit and hence the more energy is produced, making conversion beamers particularly good against heavily armoured troops, vehicles, and buildings. The intensity of the beam typically increases as it extends further from the weapon due to converting any surrounding atmosphere along the way, becoming increasingly dangerous until it reaches an inflection point where the beam is so intense that the energy has to be released in a violent explosion.[1][8]

Smaller versions were once known to be occasionally carried by Terminator Marines for cutting through bulkheads when exploring Space Hulks, but this practice is no longer prevalent[Needs Citation].

An unfortunate downside to conversion beamers is that they are incredibly large and heavy (as they require a number of massive capacitors that line the projection tube) and must remain absolutely motionless when operated, or the intensity of the beam will be negated, rendering the shot useless.[8] Because of this, conversion beamers are usually fitted to self-propelled, wheeled carriages or anti-gravity platforms (the operators will often remain at a safe distance using some form of remote control).[Needs Citation] Users of the smaller hand-held versions are forced to wear boots with special claws to provide more stable purchase. Another problem with the conversion beamer is the length of time they need build up the energy that is released in the beam. Although it is only a second or so, it is easily long enough for potential targets to have moved or escape the field of fire.[8]