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The Corewar was a battle between the Necrons of the Oltep Dynasty and the Daemonic legions of the Daemon Prince Beublghor on the world of Cocholos in 052.M40


In 052.M40, the Necron Lords of the Oltep Dynasty finally awoke on their Tomb World of Cocholos to find their planet's inner fires dead. Realizing that during their slumber an entire Imperial civilization has come and gone, the lords of the Oltep Dynasty sent their Necron Warriors deep into a mysterious subterranean network to determine why their world had become a lifeless orb. They eventually found the truth in a colossal hollow sphere at the planet's core, where the Daemon Prince Beublghor had made his lair. The titanic entry, having grown powerful after slaughtering the human population of Cocholos, noticed the Necrons and transformed into a gigantic armored leech with a Warp Portal in place of a head while ordering his Daemonic legions to attack. Battle raged in the darkness, and the Necron armies were undone when Beublghor's tunnels began to shift and flow into new shapes. The Daemon Prince and his innumerable Bloodletter hordes crushed the isolated Necron strike forces one by one. With the Necrons obliterated, their metal skulls were heaped in a pile within the planet's cold womb.[1]