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Corinth (City)

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Corinth is a major city on the planet Espandor, in the Realm of Ultramar. It was named for the planet of the same name, where the Ultramarines won a great victory against Waaagh! Skargor during the Corinthian Crusade.[1][2a]


In late M41, the city came under threat when an Ork Waaagh! arose on Espandor. After initial engagements with the Ultramarines' 4th Company, led by Acting-Captain Learchus, the Orks were funnelled towards the capitol city, Herapolis, where the Imperial forces could concentrate. This plan was in accordance with the Codex Astartes. However, Corinth lay in the Orks' path, and some of the Company's Neophyte Scouts pointed out that its people would be slaughtered unless the Ultramarines came to their aid.[1]

The Ultramarines defended the city long enough to demolish the bridges leading into it, allowing the people and the local units of the PDF to evacuate to Herapolis and join the main defense.[1]

The city suffered an even greater attack in 999.M41, when Ultramar was invaded by the Bloodborn, a Chaos warband. The forces of the Corsair Queen Kaarja Salombar made Corinth their base for the invasion of Espandor and and killed many of the city's inhabitants, but the Ultramarines Second Company, led by Captain Sicarius and guided by Sergeant Vorolanus, confronted the Corsair Queen, killed her and routed the Chaos forces.[2a][2b]