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Corinthian Crusade

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Corinthian Crusade
Date 698.M41
Location Corinth System
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Orks
Marneus Calgar Skargor the Despoiler(KIA)
6 Space Marine Chapters
50 Imperial Guard Regiments
Unknown Unknown

The Corinthian Crusade took place in 698.M41. Over fifty Imperial Guard regiments and detachments of six Adeptus Astartes Chapters (Including the Ultramarines, Lamenters, Marines Errant, Angels of Absolution, and Silver Skulls[1]) took part in the Crusade, intended to liberate the star system of Corinth from the Ork Warlord, Skargor the Despoiler. The overall Imperial effort was led by Lord Macragge Marneus Calgar.[1]


Skargor's Waaagh! was slowly pushed back to the world of Corinth itself, where he had been building and improving on the planet's already formidable defences. The planning of the operation was given to the Space Marines of the Ultramarines chapter. Within three months Imperial forces had secured a landing and pushed Skargor back into a siege of the planet's principal fortress. Soon the artillery of the Imperial Guard had created a significant breach in the outer defences and the Ultramarines' Chapter Ancient, Galatan, stormed the breach carrying the Banner of Macragge. Thousands died in the nine-day effort to storm the breach. Skargor lead the defence personally, but the attackers inexorably forced the defending Orks back, until on the ninth day Warboss Skargor met Ancient Galatan in single combat. Skargor was finally thrown down and the breach taken, although it cost Galatan's life.[Needs Citation]

During the Crusade, the Lamenters battled the Grenskins in the Liberation of Slaughterhouse III, launching a surprise assault on an Ork slave-mining world. While the attack was a complete success, the Lamenters took heavy losses and were reluctantly forced to kill many of the Human prisoners they had liberated lest they fall back into Greenskin captivity. The traumatic experience left them embittered and horrified by their "victory".[2]