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Cornelius von Ravensburg

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Admiral Ravensburg[Needs Citation]

Lord Admiral Cornelius von Ravensburg was an Admiral of the Imperial Navy. The commander of the Battlefleet of the Gothic Sector during the 12th Black Crusade, von Ravensburg was the chief Imperial commander in what would later become known as the Gothic War.[1a] Overseeing Imperial naval forces from the opening Chaos surprise attack to the very end of the conflict, von Ravensburg had to juggle not only the incursion by Abaddon the Despoiler but also Eldar Corsairs, Ork raiders, and Human pirates.[1b] von Ravensburg's most famous action was the Battle of Gethsemane, the engagement which turned the tide of the Gothic War in favor of the Imperium.[1c] After Imperial forces finally emerged victorious in the conflict, von Ravensburg was honoured by the High Lords of Terra by having a monolith which had his name inscribed upon it constructed in the honour of those who fought in the Gothic War.[1d]

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