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Corpse Grinder Cult

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Corpse Grinder Cultist[5b]

The Corpse Grinder Cults are cannibal Necromunda Khorne Cults.


Corpse Grinder Cults were Khornate Cults that are initially formed from Corpse Guild workers who have gone mad from constantly rendering down dead bodies into Corpse-Starch.[1] The Cults quickly discover that they prefer the taste of fresh flesh to Corpse-Starch and easily expand their ranks with Necromundans who have fallen prey to insanity. Most of the Corpse Grinders only wield close combat weapons in battle, save for the Cults' Initiates, who are allowed to use pistols until they rise in the Corpse Grinder's ranks.[1]

Under the nose of Guild overseers the Cult grows, avoiding notice until the time is right. In hidden places they worship the Lord of Meat. As the cult is fed on meat so too does the head butcher feed the faithful on promises of freedom and power, echoing the whispered voice in their own head. Slowly, the cult begins to gather weapons and fresh recruits. When at last the Cult is ready to rise up, they emerge from their hidden lairs in their thousands.[5a]

At the heart of every Corpse Grinder Cult stands the Harvest Lord, who sometimes becomes a vessel for Daemons should he become successful enough. Under the thrall of this insane demagogue are scores of Butchers, who in turn command the rank-and-file Cultists.[5a]

History on Necromunda

Corpse Grinder Cultists[3]

One of the Corpse Grinder Cults overwhelmed Hive Arcos' defenses, in 934.M40 and then gave its surviving inhabitants a choice - feast upon the bounty of the Meat Lord or become food for the Cult. Soon afterwards, cadres of the Necromunda's Palanite Enforcers were sent to crush the uprising, but failed, which led the Hive World's Imperial House to decree that Hive Arcos would be lost to Necromunda for a generation. With the order given, an artificial ash storm was created that buried Arcos for a century and it was believed that this would cause its population and the Cult to starve to death[2].

The first Corpse Grinder Cult ever recorded was during the Great Road War, when many hives were still to be brought under the unified control of the Imperial House. Out among the wastes, grave robbers picked over the remains of battles, repurposing the fallen to feed their cannibal clans. Their leader was an ash-rider by the name of Waz Bonepicker, a savage blessed by the Lord of Meat. Even centuries later, Corpse Grinder Cults are raised in the name of the Bonepicker, their icon a bladed wheel mimicking the great machines of the ancient ash-rider clans.[5a]

Unfortunately for Necromunda, another Corpse Grinder Cult later appeared in the Underhive of Hive Primus and is now being fought, once again, by the Palanite Enforcers.[3]


  • Harvest Lord - The supreme demagogue of a Cult.[5a]
  • Butchers - The leaders of the Corpse Grinder Cult gangs. They are some of the best close combat fighters on Necromunda.[1]
  • Cutters - The Cults' equivalent of Champions in other gangs.[1]
  • Skinners - The Cults' equivalent of regular gangers.[1]
  • Initiates - The Cults' equivalent of Juves and are the only Corpse Grinders that can wield pistols.[1]

Notable Corpse Grinder Cultists

Known Corpse Grinder Cults

Known Corpse Grinder Cultist uprisings


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