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Corpus Mymir

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Corpus Mymirs were a type of Psyker device used by the Imperium during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

These devices were made on Zhao Arkhad and saw the Tech-Priests of that world censured by the orthodox Mechanicum authorities of Mars. These psychically active Servo-Skulls contained the brain of a Psyker kept at a base level of activity through a mixture of drugs and electro-charge implants, allowing it to maintain a level of telepathic and divinatory function. The donors were often chosen from the psychically active population of Zhao-Arkhad, and before their implantation were given hypno-therapy to allow them to more easily respond to auto-suggestive phrases and simple commands. However, these devices were often prone to catastrophic failures but were nonetheless used as a weapon during the Horus Heresy by both sides of the Schism of Mars.[1]

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