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Corsair Prince

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Corsair Princes are the most common leaders of Eldar Corsair warbands. These Princes and sometimes Princesses are of noble heritage, and while seemingly aloof and arrogant represent the remnants of the old Eldar aristocracy. They are nonetheless brilliant tacticians and bold warriors.[1]

The leader of a Corsair fleet is most often termed a 'Prince' in the crude languages of Mankind, for in the Eldar tongue no two bear the same title and little good will exists between their scattered bands. Such creatures have walked the stars for millennia, masters both of the skills of sudden violence and of their own iron will. Corsair Princes are paragons of cruel self-interest whose single-minded obsessions serve as stabilising influence for those Eldar who choose to join them, and a death sentence for those who dare oppose them.[2a]

A Corsair Prince may be driven by a variety of obsessions to escape the dread that eats away at the psyche of all Aeldari. Some may follow the path that led to the Fall to indulge in forbidden pleasures. They may also be seeking forbidden or lost realms, ancient treasures, great and profane powers, the need to hunt and kill, or a quest for immortality.[2b]

Notable Corsair Princes and Princesses