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Corswain was the Captain-Paladin of the Dark Angels's 9th Order during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, later commanding half the Legion as the Lion's Seneschal.[3]


Corswain was the Paladin of the 9th Order under Master Alajos during the Great Crusade. The finest swordsman in the Legion, he was the bearer of the Mantle of the Champion and one of only two Dark Angels ever to best Alajos.[1]

He was among the forces of the 9th Order that stripped Luther of his ships after he disobeyed his orders to remain on Caliban in order to aid Horus at Zaramund in 970.M30.[3]

Horus Heresy

After the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, Corswain fought alongside his Primarch Lion El'Jonson against the Sons of Horus on Diamat[2] and the Night Lords in the Thramas Crusade. On Tsagualsa, Corswain and Alajos accompanied the Lion when he met with the Primarch of the Night Lords Konrad Curze and his own Honour Guard. After battle broke out between the two sides, Corswain and Alajos battled Sevatar and Shang. Corswain was unable to prevent Captain Alajos from being killed, but impaled Curze as he strangled the Lion - leaving the sword in the primarch's spine.[1]

After the Battle of Perditus, Corswain was made Seneschal to the Lion and given command of half of the remaining Legion to with hunt down and eliminate First Captain Calas Typhon and his Death Guard splinter fleet while the Lion travelled with the other half to Ultramar. Sustaining heavy casualties at the hands of the Death Guard, Corswain sent a small number of volunteers to Caliban with transports to bring reinforcement.[3]

Return to Caliban

Corswain survived the Heresy to return to Caliban. During the Destruction of Caliban, he was among the first to make planetfall and do battle with the Fallen.[4]


Corswain is a legendary figure to the Dark Angels of the 41st Millennium. The sword he wielded during the fall of Caliban is known as the Blade of Corswain, presented as the bladesman's honour to the finest swordsman in the Ravenwing.[5] He also lends his name to the Lost Mace of Corswain.[6]