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Cortein's Honour

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Cortein's Honour was a Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank.[1]

Offical designation Baneblade 3411/214/A/Epsilon/Phraxes, Cortein's Honour was produced aboard the Ark Mechanicus Patternmaster in 397.M41. It was named after Honoured Lieutenant Marken Cortein Lo Bannick, the Commander of the tank's predecessor Mars Triumphant, who was killed in action against the Orks on Kalidar IV.[1][2b]

The tank's first Commander was Honoured Lieutenant Colaron Vor Artem Lo Bannick[1][2a], formerly the third gunner aboard Mars Triumphant during the war on Kalidar IV. The Enginseer Brasslock noted that Cortein's Honour was a lesser pattern of Baneblade than Mars Triumphant, but the machine was "mighty enough", according to Bannick.[1]