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Cosmic Serpent

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The Cosmic Serpent, also known as Dromlach,[3] is a significant legendary figure in Eldar Harlequin myth. It is said to have existed in both the material and psychic realms at the same time, and his strange and capricious young (that includes Starweaver, Voidweaver, Skyweaver) acted as allies to Cegorach. The serpent freely gave his aid to the Laughing God and even allowed him to ride upon his back. The Harlequins have since gone on to name many of their vehicles of war after the Serpent.[1]

Dromlach, the Cosmic Serpent, is also described in various other mythologies, creation myths, and folk legends, including that of the native Baalite religion. Dromlach is used as a metaphor for death by various cultures, a symbol of the journey from one state of existence to another. Dromlach is described as having been born of belief, and exists outside of time of space.[3a] The Eye of Dromlach, a location referenced by Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak, is an Aeldari site of great importance that contains a Webway Gate.[3b]

The Cosmic Serpent is also the symbol of the Eldar Craftworld Saim-Hann.[2]